BetterMynd Mental Health

About BetterMynd

Through our network of providers and the power of teletherapy, BetterMynd is empowering college students to get the mental health care they need.

NCC and BetterMynd

大秀视频 students get 3 FREE 50-minute teletherapy sessions and 2 FREE Wellbeing Workshops.聽Try it out!聽Register through the CCSNH Okta Portal or at聽.

Discreet Care

Teletherapy removes the stigma or fear of being 鈥渟een getting help鈥 in an on-campus center.


Teletherapy is available during traditional hours as well as evenings and weekends as well as school breaks (e.g. winter break, summer).

Diverse Counselor Network

Teletherapy empowers students to select a counselor that matches their preferred demographics, identities, lived experiences, and specialties.